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Look no further, Text2Hire is here to help you and your business go from hiring to staffed.

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With Text 2 Hire, your managers and staff are immediately notified on their mobile phone or email so they can quickly follow up directly with each applicant, very quickly.

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We make it easy, we manage the technology for you! Simply purchase the service and we’ll give you a call and email within one business day to setup the keyword and forwarding. We also have options for hiring Point of Purchase (POP) Materials you can order if you need them.

What customers are saying

  • "Route 50 Location received 16 text applicants the first week! I love how easy it is to setup the interviews, I just text them"

    Cheyenne Dwenger, Supervisor, Cincinnati Area, Ohio

  • "Awesome! Works great! Really great idea. I love the new way vs the old way"

    Carlos Madera, Director of Operations, Bishop, California

  • "I prefer Text 2 Hire because you always have your phone with you."

    Jaime Miller, General Manager, Mariemont, Ohio

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    With Text to Hire Forwarding, your managers and staff are immediately notified on their mobile phone.

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    • What is Text to Hire?
    • Text to Hire Service is a way to streamline contacting applicants by reaching them through their most–frequented form of communication: text messaging.
    • How do I start?
    • Click the checkout button here and purchase the service online. It’s quick and easy!
    • What if I don’t get any candidates?
    • We offer a full money back guarantee to our customers.
    • Who can use the service?
    • You can give your Supervisor‚ GM or any manager you designate to handle hiring access to receive applicant text messages. They can respond to set up interviews or the system can send out text messages with open interview information.
    • If I want to make changes to my services‚ do I need to handle this or will you handle?
    • We will handle all of your account services. If you want to make any changes or add services‚ we will take care of any requests so you can focus on your restaurant.
    • How does it work?
    • Potential applicants can text a keyword (of your choice) to a number through the text messages app on their phone‚ and they receive instant feedback through the automated system. You decide the auto response message‚ we run it and you grow your application flow.
    • After I checkout‚ what happens next?
    • We’ll contact you within one business day to set up your account. We’ll setup the keyword and forwarding process and handle all the back–end operations of running the account. We want to make it as easy as possible for you –– all while growing your application pool.
    • How do I advertise this at my restaurant?
    • There are many ways to advertise your service. We recommend advertising your keyword on your readerboards‚ receipts and hiring advertisements. We can also place orders for Point of Purchase materials with your keyword through our printing partners.

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